We have the following tyres as standard equipment available at our events. Nevertheless, please order tyres in advance, so that we have the tyres you need on stock

Pricelist racing tyres

Pirelli Diablo SBK

The interface between sports bikers and the world of professional racers

  • official tyre from the Superbike World Championship for professionals and sport riders looking for top performance on race tracks around the world
  • compounds and carcass materials are the result of innovative technological solutions developed on the world's most demanding race tracks
  • the contour ensures unparalleled handling and maximum support at high lean angles
  • excellent acceleration and stability at high speed. High and consistent performance - lap after lap

Pirelli Supercorsa V2

Ultimate driving experience on the road and race track

  • WSBK proven materials and structure
  • official tyre of the Supersport and Superstock World Championship
  • bi-compound composition on the rear tyre
  • extreme grip in inclined position combined with high stability in straight running
  • constant performance over the entire service life

Metzeler Racetec RR Slick

Developed on the track and tested in road racing, the RACETEC RR SLICK combines all the features needed to achieve top performance in both worlds.

  • best grip and high agility
  • very good predictable performance
  • maximum adaptability to different asphalt types, track temperatures, motorbike types and setups
  • consistently high performance level - both lap after lap and in long road races

Metzeler Racetec™ RR

The Racetec™ RR has earned its name in road racing. This tyre was developed and tested together with top drivers and winning teams.

  • bi-compound mix on the rear wheel
  • racing grip on different road surfaces at all times thanks to compound versatility over a wide temperature window
  • constant performance over the entire service life
  • precise targeting and stability at high speeds

Bridgestone Battlax Racing V02

MotoGP™ technology with exceptional performance:

  • stability in curves - the rich contact feeling lets you know exactly when you can push, even at maximum lean angle
  • excellent warm-up - the V02 is the spearhead of Bridgestone's technology. You'll notice it for yourself when you're on the track. Reliable performance throughout the temperature range
  • more mileage - as a bonus, they can keep the fastest lap times, longer, thanks to the softer, more resistant rubber compounds of Battlax Racing V02

Dunlop KR106 - KR108

World class drivers race on this extremely successful racing tyre in a wide variety of races (Isle of Man TT, IDM, World Endurance Championship). The KR106 / KR108 is suitable for professional, amateur and trackday riders who want to test their limits on the race track.

  • with the innovative NTEC system, riders can lower the tyre pressure on the race track for the ultimate grip
  • multi-tread technology for maximum grip on lean angles, reliable traction when accelerating at the exit of corners and increased mileage
  • breaker belts (cut belt plies) made of nylon and an endlessly wound belt made of aramid ensure lower operating temperature and predictable performance
  • new JLT strip winding technology for increased grip between the tread centre and shoulder area and extreme tyre stability at high speeds

All other tyre brands, models and dimensions can be ordered

Here we have listed a small selection of tyres in our range, further types are available on request:

  • Dunlop D212 GP Pro
  • Dunlop D211 GP Racer
  • Bridgestone Battlax Racing V01
  • Bridgestone Battlax S20 EVO
  • Continental Sport Attack
  • Metzeler Racetec SM - Supermoto