Group Discounts

Only complete event fees are discounted - no discounts for partial bookings (daily and session bookings etc.)

  • small groups of 5 to 10 persons receive a discount of 5%
  • large groups from 10 to max. 15 persons receive a discount of 10%, except for the events in Mugello, where it is only 5% - all persons from the 15th riders are charged without discount
  • additionally large groups receive an annual bonus on turnover
  1. up to € 30.000 - 1% 
  2. up to € 60.000 - 2% 
  3. up to max.€ 100.000 - 3%
  • registrations must always be made through one person in charge
  • one complete invoice will always be issued for the participation fees
  • the total participation fee must be transferred to the account of Rehm race days by the group organiser 8 weeks prior to the event
  • the group organiser is the sole contact person for Rehm race days regarding the registerred group, especially regarding the completeness of liability waivers, registration and handling, time sheets, pit occupancy, correctness of riders details including address, date of birth, telephone number and email of each rider -  this is mandatory to react in case of emergency

Ladies Special


With this special discount you can reduce the participation fee:

  • value training fee: € 1.500,00
  • Lady-CARD price: € 1.000,00
  • inclusive: EventRescuer

All of this without any risk. If not used, the remaining money will be credited until usage and refunded with a small handling fee.

The Lady-Card is personal and not transferable.

Accumulation with other discounts is not possible.

Ladies without a card receive a discount of 20% on all bookings.


With our PremiumCard you can reduce the participation fee. Do the math:  

  • value participation fee: € 2.250,00
  • PremiumCard price: € 2.000,00
  • EventRescuer included   

And all this without risk. If not used, the remaining money minus discounts and a small handling fee will be refunded or credited.

The PremiumCard is personal and non-transferable.

Accumulation with other discounts is not possible.