Slip-on Line

The Slip-on line from Akrapovič is ideal for leisure riders. These exhaust systems are easy to install and they replace the standard silencer. Experience more power, more torque and less weight with the Slip-on line and thus a more comfortable ride. Most versions have an EC type approval.

Racing Line

The Racing line is a complete, high-quality exhaust system made of stainless steel, manufactured with great attention to details. The unique design allows the potential of each individual motorcycle model to be fully exploited and top performance to be achieved while at the same time significantly reducing the overall weight - in everyday use as well as in the most difficult races. The systems are identical to the Evolution line exhaust systems. The only difference is in the materials used.

Evolution Line

The Evolution line is the flagship of the Akrapovič exhaust systems, used and tested in the races by top factory teams. Each model is unique and has been designed with the aim of maximizing engine performance while reducing overall weight to optimize the handling of the entire bike.



The TNT technology at 85°

The outer material of the tire warmers consists of a teflon layer and is therefore extremely durable - the inner fabric is made of Nomex and is resistant to fire, water and lasts more than 6 years. Integrated velcro fasteners prevent any threads from penetrating the chain. Inside the tire warmer, 40 metres of cable ensure a constant temperature and a heating time of less than 30 minutes. The heating cable itself is made of teflon and therefore considerably more break-proof than conventional cables made of silicone.

The power cable is made of silicone and can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees. It is resistant to petrol, oil and other aggressive liquids. The operating status can be read via a control lamp and an additional safety pin prevents the tire warmer from tearing open.

In contrast to conventional systems, the heating wires of all Capit tire heaters are sewn radially to the driving direction, thus heating 75% of the tire surface. This means: the sewn heating wire is more than twice as long!

  • additional insulation, pulled down further on the flanks
  • the tire is heated to a temperature of approx. 80-90° and kept at this temperature by means of a thermal switch
  • 40% more heating power compared to competitors
  • simple form and handling
  • protects against tire wear
  • each tire warmer has a separate identification code
  • CE approved
  • individual inscription possible
  • an elegant nylon bag for transport is included
  • available in 8 colors


Racing and additional coolers

Febur coolers reduce the engine temperatures considerably. Thanks to a larger cooling surface, the material used and a precise design, it is possible to obtain a better performance of the engine, since at higher temperatures every engine inevitably loses power.

The coolers are designed and tested in collaboration with the best teams: Team Barni, Suzuki Crescent, JIR Moto 2, Lorenzini by Leoni , MV Agusta Corse, Team Pedercini Kawasaki, Team Puccetti, Team TenKate Honda, Team Sert Suzuki Endurance, Lodaracing Project, Team Suriano.