A motorbike ready for the race track to rent and ride at Rehm race days events

What‘s the RentalBike?

The Rehm race days RentalBike is a motorbike prepared for riding on the race track, which can be rented by private individuals for use at a Rehm race days events on the respective race track. The RentalBike is made available on site on a daily basis.


How can I rent that RentalBike?

To reserve the RentalBike, please contact us as early as possible. Rehm race days will take care of the transport - so the bike will be available on site. Transport is charged at 180-360 €, depending on the distance to the race track in place. Please ask for the exact transport price when booking.


Terms and condition?

The rental of our RentalBike is always quoted per day. Prices vary depending on the bike and can be viewed below.

A new set of tyres and their fitting is included. The new set of tyres will be fitted at the time requested by the renter and will remain on the motorbike at the end of the rental. Furthermore, the rental price includes inspection and regular wear and tear. A deposit is required for the RentalBike, which corresponds to the replacement value and can also be viewed below. A pit area at the race track can be rented additionally for a fee of approx. 50 €/day. The participation fee is not included in the rental charges.

Yamaha YZF1000 R1 RN-22

1000 ccm / 134 KW / 182 PS / YoC 2013


Charges 1st day:    650 €

Every further day: 200 €


Deposit: 3000 €

Value: 9000 €

Yamaha YZF600 R6 RJ-03

599 ccm / 88 KW / 120 PS / •YoC 2000


Charges 1st day:    650 €

Every further day: 150 €


Deposit: 2100 €

Value: 2100 €

What happens if I fall with the RentalBike?

Any damage / defect must be reported immediately. The damaged parts will be charged individually according to a separate price list and are to be paid by the renter in their value listed below. Should the value of the parts to be replaced exceed the amount of the deposit, the difference must be paid subsequently, also in this case the RentalBike can be taken over at the previously determined purchase price (the rental costs already paid will not be credited to the purchase price). Other small parts will be replaced and charged at a reasonable price.


Pricelist for spareparts (Replacement damaged parts maybe because of a crash/fall):

Spare parts


Paintwork on racefairing

350 €

Complete race fairing

450 €

Tail fairing

200 €


80 €


180 €

Clutch lever

40 €

Brake lever

80 €

Brake pump

320 €

Front wheel

700 €

Rear wheel

900 €

Adjustable rear sets

350 €

Motor cover (left or right)

150 €

Fuel tank

1.200 €

Exhaust system

1 000 €

Rear frame

280 €


980 €