Registration is only valid online or by email. The registration is only valid after full payment and written confirmation by Rehmracedays GmbH. Entry deadline is always as soon as the maximum number of participants per race track is reached. The registration always refers to the rider, not to the motorbike.

The amount must be transferred in full to our account in Germany. Another Method: Paypal. Cheques are not accepted. The participation fee always refers to the rider, not to the motorbike.

Registrations are generally binding. For cancellations up to 2 months before the event, € 100,00 handling fee will be retained from the participation fee, remaining amounts can be credited or refunded. Cancellations at a later date are no longer possible as no replacement can be found at short notice. Unless the participant provides us a replacement rider this can then be transferred free of charge.

The Rehm race days GmbH does not accept any liability for damages on and around the race track, as well as after accidents for persons or damage to property. Furthermore, Rehm race days GmbH is not obliged to take out liability insurance. The participants (also newcomers) may only ride on the race track after signing the waiver of liability. In the case of minors, the waiver of liability must be signed by a parent or guardian. The participant is liable for damage to persons and property caused by persons using his vehicle who have not signed and presented the registration form to the organiser Rehm race days GmbH. Furthermore, the participant will be excluded with immediate effect and must pay the participation fee for the rider who has not signed up.

The motorbikes are randomly checked on entry to the race track. Motorbikes that do not comply with the specified safety regulations may be rejected. Failure to carry out appropriate repairs will result in exclusion from the event. The motorbikes must be in perfect technical condition. Both brakes must be in working order. Fuel lines, oil plugs and oil filters must be secured against unscrewing and loosening. Only water is allowed as coolant (no antifreeze). Headlights, number plates and mirrors must be removed or masked. Every rider is responsible for the perfect condition of the motorbike.

Only riders with complete leather clothing (1 or 2-piece) and with back protector are allowed on the track. Textile clothing is not allowed. Furthermore, a helmet with EC standard, high leather boots and leather gloves must be worn. It is absolutely necessary to make sure that the helmet is closed. 

Entering and exiting the race track
When entering the race track, it must never be crossed.  In the first turn it is absolutely necessary to stay on the side from which you are coming from the pit lane exit. Stay right or stay left! Participants who cross the track directly after the pit lane exit before the first curve will be excluded from the event immediately and without warning to protect the health of the other participants! No exceptions will be made in such dangerous behaviour. When leaving the track, hand or foot signals must be used to indicate that you are leaving the track. Crossing the line or abrupt braking is not allowed and will also end in exclusion from the event.

Flag signals
Flag signals on the race track must be observed. Riders who do not observe and respect the flag signals and thus endanger others will be excluded from the event!