Dear valude friends,

with our instruction offer we address motorbiker who already have riding experience with sporty motorbikes or who have already made experiences in track days.

We offer individual possibilities of coaching. From race track newcomers, showing breakpoints and ideal lines, as well as body posture recorded to video, briefing and debriefing with video analisis in the training truck. Everything can be booked individually as everyone needs it. The use of an instructor is optional according to your wishes and skills. A registration for professional instruction in advance is absolutely necessary.

The idea
We will show you, individually or in small groups, how to approach faster turns step by step, how to choose braking and turning points correctly and how to get a feeling for the ideal line and safe behaviour on the tracks


Instruction - Newcomer

After a rider's briefing, the rider and instructor go directly to the track for the first laps. Turn 1 is slow for getting to know each other. Later on you can increase your speed and individualize the riding blocks. The use of a Rehm race days instructor service on the 1st day for 1 turn is free of charge. Instructor usage (without video training) per additional turn costs €20,00.

Instruction - professional

For the experienced participants - with Championship experienced coaches to faster lap times!

Theory / basics seat position, weight shift, gaze control; chassis adjustment and camera training (recording from the front and/or rear and subsequent evaluation to identify mistakes and implement tips and suggestions for improvement of lap times sustainably.
When booking the package "Instruction professional", a place in a box is included.
Prices plus participation fees for the event - 1 day with own motorbike:
Instruction 1: 

1 day with own motorbike
4 participants in a group €350,00 per person/day

Instruction 2:

1 day with own motorbike
3 participants in the group €450,00 per person/day

Instruction 3:

1 day with own motorbike
2 participants in the group €550,00  per person/day

Instruction 4:

1 day with own motorbike
Single instruction €1.200,00 per day

For booking 2 days daily price +50%, for booking 3 days daily price +100%