Newsletter 05/2019

Dear Friends,

Our Campaing 2019 is quite finalized now and the events already confirmed to us are displayed and open to book on our website. Feel free to have a look.

To fulfill the matter, we have also placed a .pdf programme of 2020 online for your kind ref., that you have an clear overview about all remaining (not yet fully confirmed) events in 2020. Here some small shifts can be possible, we will open them to book once fully confirmation got as soon as possible.

Additional we have one further topic to share with you together with the request to take care in future.

All in all we looking forward to a high number of instructors, a very good possibility to share knowledge and lead the “trainees” into the ideal line and proper track usage.

However, we have noticed some incidents in 2019 which we will improve in 2020 in favour of our well-experienced customers. Some regular booked instructors handled their teams in different speed groups, blocking the max capacity of the track itself and some other riders have entered the track delayed with waiting time at the entrance.

From now on, we can only accept instructors booked as regular customer within one dedicated speed group, all other multiple support requests have to be known in advance and booked separately. This will be necessary to enhance the quality level sustainably and assure a smooth handling on site with happy riders.

Furthermore, we will refer to our Racing School – Alfs Bike School is exclusively available to book on all of our events, containing briefing / learning sessions ideal line + break points and behavior on track / video analysis in his own training room up to full service package called “PerfectBox”. You can choose the level you are and do trainings in the topics you like to get briefed for your further riding experience.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020.

Best regards

Your Rehm race days Team