Newsletter 01/2020

Dear Friends,

we wish you all good constitution and that you still stay healthy during the last months according to the current situation.

The special circumstances with Covid19 have completely disrupted this year's schedule. Events have to be cancelled without replacement, other dates have to be re-scheduled because of championships, which simply moved their dates into the 2nd half of the year and some further events had to be held with changed conditions. This pushes us into the situation to change some points in our Programme 2020, too.

Please understand as the pandemic is not yet conquered and the heads of government of the different countries are constantly publishing new information, we will recheck and adjust the situation if necessary.

Our Event in Brno in May had to be cancelled to our regret. We were able to schedule a completely new event in our calendar in Brno and we will start our 1st event there after the shutdown.

22th – 24th of June, 2020 - BRNO

This event will take place soon, you should register as soon as possible. The event will be held with a reduced number of participants.

Our July events will all take place as planned, but partly with a reduced number of participants and special hygiene regulations. Details will follow soon.

In August we have increased the number of days at the 2nd Mugello event from 2 to 3.

03rd – 05th of August, 2020 - MUGELLO

Still there are places available, or maybe you would like to extend your 2-days booking as well to get a fully 3-days event, please get in contact with us by mail.

The well-known August Summer Camp in Misano, here are some changes. We will start with the first 3 day event on August 11th. The 2nd event starts on August 14th and August 17th is a 1-day event.

11th - 13th of August, 2020 MISANO
14th – 16th of August, 2020 - MISANO
17th of August, 2020 – MISNAO

In November there is another change, Portimao will be moved 3 days forward so one day closer to Jerez:

10th – 12th of November, 2020 - PORTIMAO

All changes have already been published into the booking system on our website and the schedules have been adjusted.

Please check your registrations to see if it’s still up to date with the appropriate schedule. Additionally, we will inform all registered participants if there are any changes to their booking.

All events will be held with new hygiene measures which we will work out individually with each track. We will reduce to as few people contact as possible. As soon as these measures are known, we will share them with all reserved/booked participants as soon as possible.

With sporty greetings Your Rehmracedays – Team