Slip-on line

 Akrapovič’s slip-on line is designed for recreational riders. These exhaust systems are easy to install and they replace stock mufflers. They will give you more power, more torque and less weight and consequently a smoother ride. most versions are with ec type-approval. .


Racing line

The racing line is a complete high-quality stainless steel exhaust system made with close attention to detail. Its unique design enables it to obtain the maximum output for each specific model of motorcycle while significantly reducing overall weight for top performance in everyday riding or even in the most challenging races. It is identical to the evolution line exhaust system apart from the material.


Evolution line

The evolution line is a flagship of the akrapovič exhaust systems, used and tested by top factory teams in  racing. Each model is unique and dedicated to maximising engine performance while reducing overall weight for optimised handling of the whole motorcycle.

Capit - Suprema Spina

 TNT system at 85°

With standatd plug. It has simple shape but great contents. This model has been designed to offer one practical product that still mantains the efficiency required to use both amateur as well as professional.

The quality-price balance is one of the best in the world brcause in addition to having professional performance for a standard price, reliability and durability to over the years are close to the top.

The suprema is made with the innovative and exclusive "TNT" self-adjusting technology, without thermostat and it is available in various different sizes.

8 colors available, they can be customized with various accessories in our catalogue as the heat spreader or the fire-proof, team logos, data-pocket, etc.

available with EU, UK, AUS and JP standard plugs.

Side sizes larger than old sport model.


Stock and racing radiators

FEBUR radiators help to reduce temperature due to the increased surface area of the radiator core, quality of materials and careful study and design to achieve the best performance, consider that at high temperatures the engine loses more and more power.

The radiators are designed in collaboration with the best teams in the world: Team Barni, Suzuki Crescent, JIR Moto 2, Lorenzini by Leoni , MV Agusta Corse, Team Pedercini Kawasaki, Team Puccetti, Team TenKate Honda, Team Sert Suzuki Endurance, Iodaracing Project, Team Suriano