Motorcycle transport

Trackprice per bike
all tracks without Spain and Portugal180,-- €
Almeria390,-- €
Cartagena390,-- €
Jerez390,-- €
Portimao390,-- €
Valencia390,-- €
  • the transport rate for multiple consecutive events is made up of the most expensive transport price per booked racetrack plus 60 € fee for each additional event.
  • all motorcycle transports are arranged by ourselves.
  • the vehicles are handed over in Ehingen/Berg (B-89584) or on our race events to us. To this end, a reservation is essential, therefore, we plan and guarantee to transport availability.
  • it is possible to store the bike free of charge in our warehouse in ehingen between the events. Maintenance and service work, such as washing or tire change can be performed at this time for a small fee.
  • after agreement, the bike is transported to the booked event.
  • included in the transport price is an additional load volume of 4 euro boxes with dimensions of 60x40x40 per box. If no euro boxes are present, it can be purchased at rehm race service. Please purchase only stackable euro boxes. for any other additional euro boxe € 10 will be charged.
  • no parts are transported loose
  • gas cans are only transported without charge and must be stowed in the euro boxes
  • mounting stand and the leather suit can be loaded with the bike and consequently do not count on the abovementioned volume.
  • all euro boxes and other equipment must be provided with a secure sticker with the name of the participant and the racetrack. A list of the entire equipment must be attached to the motorcycle. the only way to guarantee that all parts arrive at the track.
  • attention! per tyre we calculate an additional transport fee of € 20.00. exceptions are a set of rain tires or a set of wheels. However, the rain tires or the set of wheels is also included in the loading volume.
  • at rehm race service new tires can be purchased on track. please preorder your preferred tyre.