Motorcycle transport

Your transport services – Easy & convenient

  •  All transport services are self-procuded in a steady good quality
  • Drop off location for bikes is our headquarters' address in 89584 Ehingen(Donau) and the bikes are also droppable on quite each of our events upon request
  • The transport charges includes a half a roller carriage for your equipment (please understand that we cannot accept it out of gauge)
  •  All common racing tires are available at our race service unit, specialties are available upon request
  • Storage of your bike and equipment is free of charge in our warehouse linked to the headquarter – it's proted of third-party access and equipped with safety systems
  • Maintanance / full repair services are avaiable upon request
  • Important notice: The confirmation of receipt / check list have to be filled and signed in total

 On each event you can pick up your bike and equipment in our ServiceBox with easy access.

Transport Tariff


Up to 1000 km ex Ehingen(Donau)

Up to 2000 km ex Ehingen(Donau)

From 2001 km ex Ehingen(Berg)

Bike + ½ roller carriage


200,00 €

400,00 €

450,00 €


Side Conditions / Additional services


Up to 1000 km

From 1001 km

½ roller carriage

50,00 €

80,00 €

1 full roller carriage

100,00 €

160,00 €