Instruction – Professionals

For more experienced riders, with World-Championship approved trainers to faster lap-times and individual support with HD onboard camera training and debriefing. Theory/ basics in sitting position / weight-shifting / visual foci / suspension set-ups and front/rear camera assisted training followed by a detailed analysis to find mistakes and improve the training with special hints. There’s one place in a pit inclusive for booking of the package instruction professionals.

On-top prices as follows:

·        Instruction4:         4 participants within a group for 350 € per rider/day

·        Instruction3:         3 participants within a group for 450 € per rider/day

·        Instruction2:         2 participants within a group for 550 € per rider/day

·        Instruction1:         Superpole instruction: 1 participant for 1200 €
                                    per day


For booking a second day, we will charge only 50% of the daily price, for booking of a complete 3 day event, we will charge the daily fee twice.