Barcelona (Spain)


Carrer Mas Moreneta, 08160 Montmeló, Barcelona

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Track Length

4.655 Meter

Right Turns


Left Turns


Has Gas Station


Has Restaurant


Route Report

Opened in 1991, the Circuit de Catalunya with its 1.1 km long straight and many long bends is one of the current TOP circuits for both motorbike GP and Formula 1. Conveniently located on the extended outskirts of the city, it can be easily reached by car or via the airport El Prat, 35 minutes away. A visit to the city centre with its many cultural sights is always recommended. Due to the mild temperatures in winter and spring, the course is particularly suitable for preparing for the season.

Important Hints

From now on, all winter events in Spain require a confirmation of a current health insurance or an official race licence. Please send it in advance by e-mail ( or leave it at the office at the latest when you register. Without such a confirmation, a daily health insurance must be taken out at the race track for a fee.

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