About us

With our wide range of organized events, we like to address everybody, who will ride in a sportive and blithe ambience without contraflow and a sufficiently gravel.

Our main aim is to still the fear of the unknown for all novices. Especially for reaching that, we are offering a free of charge riding trial for a half an hour on almost all of our events – besides a theoretical briefing with general behavior and signal detection, we support all riders to find a fast racing line through our experienced instructor team. Take your friends and all interested riders and visit us.

All Inklusive!

There are no hidden costs. The participation fee contains the attendance at races (challenges) as well as the timekeeping via our transponder system. Everybody gets one of them against a security deposit and our service includes a daily list of lap times, upon request per mail for the whole event, too. Likewise, coffee and a cup of beer in the evening is included the price as well as at some of our events, we host a small party and the victory ceremony for the campaign once a year. Of course, we have a general organizers’ indemnity insurance to cover risks.

Attractive race tracks!

       GP-course Misano & Mugello – Italian flair

       Magny-Cours & Brno – high standard MotoGP niveau

       Rijeka, Jerez, & Red Bull Ring, AT – the classics

       Almeria, Cartagena & Cheste/Valencia – racing fun with sun warranty!

Sheer riding enjoyment!

Proper riding time for all participants!

Instructor guided sessions for newcomers, races / challenges in different classes + Ladies- and Crazy-Old-Men cup with yearly scoring, endurance races (2/4 h) and kids and mechanics sessions. A lot of free practice sessions without waiting time and “best of the rest”- challenges, established by us, that everybody gets the chance to enjoy the racing feeling.