Official Customer Advisory - Suspension of event operations on COVID-19 crisis

Official Customer Advisory - Suspension of event operations on COVID-19 crisis

Dear valued customer,

We, as Rehm race days, hope that you and your family are doing well in these hard times - at least according to the circumstances on COVID-19.

We are all shocked by the ongoing tightening of restrictions in the last few days, what the future brings is under an uncertain light and make us feeling worries.

We are quite overwhelmed by the dynamics of the development and are confronted with a completely new challenge, driven by decisions taken by countries and third parties. What we thought impossible just a few days ago is now reality. Destinations that promise holidays, leisure and sunshine today will be at risk areas tomorrow, with implications for health, freedom of work and up to restriction of movement.

The supply situation in the medical sector is also becoming increasingly acute throughout Europe. It is therefore irresponsible to occupy medical staff and intensive care capacities without an acute reason. Risks that are avoidable must be avoided. Every medical staff will be needed in the coming weeks to help people who are at risk for having a corona infection with a severe course! All places and beds in the intensive care units are urgently needed!

As organizers we have a big responsibility for our participants. Your safety on and off the course as well as a safe arrival and departure is our top priority on all levels. Furthermore, and in case of any doubts, we all put solidarity and humanity above our corporate interests.

Should any event will not be able to take place, we will refund the already paid participation fee by 100%.

Of course, we will keep you individually informed about next steps / measures to minimize any risk of infection and the current development.

We wish you and your family all the best and looking forward to see you again once regular operations will be possible again.

Stay healthy.

Your Rehm race days, Karl Rehm

/// SHUTDOWN Rehm race days ///

Rehm race days has decided to follow the recommendation of the German government and to suspend all training dates until April 19th.

A proceeding in our target countries - Italy, Spain, France and Germany - does not seem justifiable to us until further notice.

Already paid participation fees will be automatically credited in full to your account in the next few days.

We will close our office during this period and work from home. Mails will be processed as usual and we will be happy to answer your callback requests! If there are new developments, we will inform you ASAP.

Once again best wishes for you and your family!

Your Rehm race days -team

/// SHUTDOWN Rehm race days ///