Newsletter 05/2017 - Simoncelli calls Summer

Dear Friends,

We would like to inform you about the upcoming events and possibilities to unfold with enthusiasm and joy on the bike and with a huge benefit for your families, too.

Our well-known Summer Camp on Misano World Circuit in Rimini will be in the period from 09.08.2017 to 20.08.2017. It’s the perfect way to combine holidays and riding fun.

You can stay within the paddock during the whole time free of charge with a single booking of a regular three day event. There are a lot of leisure-time possibilities, in addition to a proper portion of sun, beach and the Adriatic Sea, there are several water- and theme parks, aquariums as well as caves – a short trip to San Marino (roughly 25km away) is recommended by us for “tax-free” shopping. The italian flair and above all the food, we do not need to talk about.

You can also combine all booking with our bike transport service, don’t hesitate to ask us for details. Tyres, spare- and ware-parts could be pre-ordered, but we have a several range on location every time.

Tipp: Tavullia (roughly 13 km away of the track in Misano), home of Valentino Rossi, is recommendable and you must have eaten a pizza in his restaurant.

Furthermore, don’t forget to take a glance on our events in Autumn/Winter, visible on our website

To conclude, we will give you a short modified quote of Renè Descartes, certainly you can also indentify with this:

I drive, therfore I am

Thank you for your attention.

Your Rehm race days - Team