Newsletter 04/2019

Dear Friends,

Due to the well-booked events of us it might be a bit difficult to get space, please be aware that the events have to be booked very early in the meantime.

We will inform you today, that a bigger group has cancelled the bookings for several events which enables us to provide additional space to you.

We have opened the bookings once again for your kind reference for our events in Rijeka (September) and Misano and Mugello in October.

Please have a glance on the website booking section at and catch the small number of remaining free places as soon as possible.

From November, we will be in Spain and Portugal as usual. A further benefit is our recent optimized loading system for your bikes and equipment, online you can find several information about the transport service, too.

Overall the booking section is opened until March 2020, please feel free to have a look and don’t forget the bike & equipment transport service.

We are looking forward to see you soon.

Best regards

Your Rehm race days Team