Newsletter 03/2019

Dear Friends,

We’d like to announce that our following highlight in Misano takes place as our traditionally implemented SummerCamp. Again, we are offering 12 days in total, splitted in each regular three-days events as commonly known. Together with a three-day registration, you will get access and the possibility to stay within the paddock for the whole 12 days – perfectly combinable with family holiday. Besides of the well-known Moto-GP track and the pool area within Misano World Circuit, you can find the lido area of Rimini/Cattolica not far away (roughly 10 minutes by car) with it’s benefits and a lot of delicious local fish / seafood / pizza and pasta restaurants along the coastline. A further touristic spot is SAN MARINO, the tiny city state is not far away (roughly 35km). On our homepage you can find some remaining place for these events bookable now.

Thereafter, we will be on Slovakia Ring at the beginning of September, there are some free spaces left at the moment. Please consider our bike transport service, drop it at our headquarter in Germany or hand over at any of our events. We will take care all is available at time of arrival, the airports Vienna and Bratislava are not far away (less than 100km).

For your further notice, our Winter program is online now fully and bookings can be placed. The event in Jerez end of January and Cartagena end of February 2020 are ready to book, too.

We will start with the WinterTrophy on November 1st, 2019, in Misano, followed by Spain / Portugal until we are in Cartagena in February 2002 – Have a look.

Exact dates and times are visible online on

We are looking forward to see you soon.

Best regards

Your Rehm race days Team